• Van Hise REAP Fundraiser
    As in past years, Van Hise is participating in a fundraiser by selling products from this amazing farm-to-table organization! Please return order forms to your child's classroom teacher of the PTO mailbox.
  • Tony Memmel on guitar and his wife providing back up vocals as students cluster at their feet in the Van Hise gymnasium.  Memmel plays guitar by attaching a pic to his handless left arm with Gorilla tape.
    On October 9th, Van Hise students enjoyed singing along with singer-songwriter Tony Memmel!
    A one-time student of Van Hise music teacher Margaret Jenks, Memmel came to share his music and his story of learning to play the guitar with only one hand. Students were entertained and inspired!
  • Principal Keeler and Hugo, the hedgehog mascot, make the assembled students go wild!
    Van Hise's First Assembly of the Year was So Much Fun!
    On Tuesday, September 12th the Van Hise students enjoyed an assembly with the theme of "Being an Awesome Hedgie." Our mascot, Hugo, was a huge hit!
  • Graduates high-five elementary school students
    MMSD Annual Report on Progress
  • Learn about your child's report card
    Find resources to learn what the standards-based report cards are all about
  • Charles Van Hise
    “Intimately connected with the conservation of the natural resources is the conservation of humanity itself.”